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Gambling Rehabilitation Centre

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If your loved one suffers from some form of addiction, you know for sure that he can stop. Many people have been waiting for years for these stops. An addict’s life becomes a nightmare where there is no sober mind, a healthy body, and confidence in a new day. Drug use is abandoned by everyone, someone does it in life. There is always a way out, and so is the addict. The main thing is the patient’s desire and an effective treatment program.

Rehabilitation center “Chance” is a place of complex assistance to people who have fallen into drug, alcohol or game addiction. Our center is a team of professionals, whose goal is to provide the most effective and comfortable care. It is based on the “12 steps” program, which has successfully proved to be an effective method in addiction treatment. Thanks to this approach, a person has a chance to take a new look at his or her life, to analyze the actions taken, to change the perception of himself or herself and the world around them, to return sobriety and confidence in the future.

Our team of specialists is certified psychologists and psychiatrists, who really help, who have long practiced working with addicts and have already established themselves as successful therapists and consultants. The main principle of our center – recovery should be comfortable, without coercion and physical torment, the main goal is the recovery of clients and sober life. Upon admission to rehabilitation, we provide a detailed description of the entire treatment process. If you want to recover, with all the recommendations of the client and his family, both during treatment and after, we can confidently say that the guarantee of recovery – 100%. Our task is to teach you to live without any chemicals. Yours is to accept it.

Friendly and attentive team of specialists, an effective recovery program, individual and group counseling, working with a personal therapist, family therapy, client-centric therapy, art therapy, body-oriented therapy, visiting the gym. All those undergoing treatments for drug, alcohol and play addiction in our rehabilitation center are under the supervision of specialists for 24 hours. The staff of our rehabilitation and recovery center pays special attention to individual work with patients. That is, we do not leave patients alone with their problems and questions. We also guarantee the respectful treatment of all clients of our rehabilitation center and satisfaction of needs that do not interfere with recovery.