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Sad Stories That Сasino Employees Have Seen and Told

Ludomania is a serious disease that often affects not only the Ludomans themselves, but their loved ones and those around them. About gambling addiction told the Reddittors who worked at the casino.

Reactoonz is an exceptionally planned gambling club game from Play’n GO that sees charming outsider animals on a 7×7 matrix that attack the reels with a progression of rewards, for example , falling images, wild replacements and extraordinary Quantum highlights like changing images or additional wilds.

I worked as a croupier at a casino while I was in college. Many situations were quite sad, especially if it happened to my favorite regular customers. One of them was telling me about his teenage children, and a week later I realized that he had missed all of their games/concerts because he was stuck at a gambling table. I remember working on Christmas Eve, it was around 6-7am and I begged him to go home because his kids would soon wake up and open presents.
Also, our clients often yell that we “steal” their mortgage payments. And the next day, they come back to us.

On my eight-hour shift, a man won $15,000 in a one-armed bandit. After the weekend, I came back and it turned out that this uncle had been sitting at the slot machine for two consecutive days, siphoning off all the $15,000 he’d earned.


Among our clients was a woman who could sit at a poker table for 5 days/nights in a row. Her husband called her and begged her to come home because the kids were waiting for her. Even the boss would come to our casino and try to get her out, threatening to fire her. I don’t know how it ended, but maybe this woman ruined her life.

By the way, some of our regulars killed themselves and some went to jail.

It was about 15 years ago, I worked at that casino for 4 years and I remember a client who came from the village to the big city to buy Christmas gifts for the whole family (including the kids who still believe in Santa), but I planted all the gift money in the casino before I got to the store.

A few years later, when I stopped by to check on my former colleagues, I found out that one of my regular customers (a nice and nice woman, which is rare in this area) had killed herself because of a gambling addiction.

Before becoming a police officer, I worked three years as a casino guard. One day at dawn, we got a code M (doctor call). An elderly man (about 80 years old) passed out and fell out of his chair, his wife was sitting next to him. I was the first one to approach him, quickly examined him, concluded that the old man had no pulse and quickly started CPR (*CPR). His wife looked at me and said, “Oh, he’s always like that, don’t worry”. Continuing the indirect heart massage, I told her that her husband was no longer breathing and she continued to play like nothing else. She wasn’t even distracted from the slot machine when the paramedics were taking her husband away. The next night, I saw her again and asked how her husband felt. With the absolute pokerface, she reported that he was dead, and probably already lying in the morgue … and returned to the same slot machine, which she was sitting the night before.

My mother worked as a croupier at the casino and told a bunch of stories about adult men wearing diapers so she wouldn’t have to go out while playing to the bathroom.

Worked as a valet at the casino. The number of regular customers who drove around in ruins with a bunch of trash, cockroaches and rats was depressing. They’d pawn/sell their cars and lose all the money they had. But the saddest thing I remember is a 90-year-old woman on an old Corolla who had no power steering fluid in her car and barely turned around. I have no idea how she turned it with her fragile handles. We went out and bought her some of that fluid before she left.

And my favorite “guests” were a nice old couple. They’d come to us twice a week and, unlike most regulars, they’d only play for fun for a few hours, keep up a lot of money, and be happy even if they lost. On my shift, they always came up to me, talked, and we really felt like a family. About a year ago, they stopped coming. Recently I Googled and found an obituary that I think was 99% of that old gentleman. He had the same last name as his wife, same district. Looks like he had a big family and lots of friends. The obituary also mentioned that he survived the Holocaust, which I didn’t even know was because he was always in good spirits.

One day we had to evacuate the visitors and close the casino for the rest of the day because of a pipe burst (which meant there was no water in the place). When I went outside, there was an old woman in the parking lot who was really hysterical, kicking and screaming like a man who had just lost a family member, not like a man who had to leave the casino for hours. I left, but somebody from the security detail who was dealing with her told me that the old lady was so out of her mind to go home on her own that I had to call her family to have her picked up.

Grandma, mother and daughter are on their way to the casino, which is a two-hour drive from home. The mother has a coupon for a free cast-iron frying pan. Daughter is pregnant, more than eight months. One hour from the casino, the daughter goes into labor. Mom will not stop and take her daughter to the hospital, because she needs this fucking frying pan (for 10 dollars). They come to the casino an hour before the action starts. Mom makes a fuss trying to get her fucking frying pan, but the casino workers aren’t there yet. Eventually, the daughter is taken to the hospital by ambulance. And it’s all because of a $10 frying pan.

I don’t work at a casino, but I live near Atlantic City. I’ve seen children left unattended playing in the lobby near the casino entrance. So you’re gonna go to a casino where you can’t go with the kids, but you take the fucking kid with you and leave him in the lobby.

Worked at the casino for about 7 years and I remember one case forever. Came to us a kid about 18 or 19 years old, not alone, but with friends, and lost $100 in blackjack. And then he was sitting there depressed and watching his friends win. He left, came back with a hundred bucks more. It was clear from his behavior that he couldn’t afford to lose the first hundred dollars either, so I asked him if he was sure he wanted to play. He nodded his head and said yes in a grim way. Alas, and he lost that money.

My former boss worked at a casino in Atlantic City. He said he’d seen some shit, but the worst case was when they had to close the main lobby because the guy jumped off the fourth floor after losing.

casino game

A woman about 30 years old was dancing until she fell in a nightclub, suddenly collapsed. I saw her die. Or the moment when the VIP box is full, the drinks are flowing and everyone is joking at the guy who passed out. By morning, they tell us that that guy needs a wheelchair. And the guy’s been dead for an hour.

Death always pisses me off. The casino has instructions on how to do it, like at the airport. It’s a loose rule to treat the dead as alive until they leave the place. Even if they’ve been dead for an hour. The point is to get them out as soon as possible without scaring the customers. New Year’s Eve has always been hard on this one. The question wasn’t whether anyone would die on that night, the question was how many of them would die. In a good year, one dead body. Once, there were four dead people.

I’m not an employee of the casino, but I worked in an ambulance in a town on the East Coast (this is Vegas for poor people). During our shift there were 3-4 calls from the casino, most of them in summer. And it was a heartbreaking sight. Most of the calls were related to alcohol or obvious insurance fraud*, but sometimes there were real tragedies. Suicide attempts, drug overdoses, rapes, assaults all happened with a depressing frequency. And this one is a case I have a hard time remembering…

Challenge, 2:00 a.m., female in her 70s, playing machine guns, chest pain. She refused the proposed treatment, despite her bad health. We asked and begged and even talked to her on the phone, but in vain, she had a winning streak, so she did not hear us. An hour later, we went back to her place, doing CPR. She was at the Merlotte’s right behind the same slot machine, getting a $7 winnings. That’s fucked up. And how fucked up was the number of employees we had to treat for exhaustion or the effects of diabetes… we couldn’t count. Fuck this town.

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Why do gamblers always lose?

Do casinos cheat?

Casinos charge fair warning signs in the casino, or the end of the turntable, or using your winnings in a stupid or frivolous way. Do you see the blue flags for casino gamblers? I’ve seen them, sometimes they’ve been almost too obvious. They don’t make a fuss about it. I’ve seen their reasons, and none of them are good.

The answer, it seems, is yes. Casinos claim to be reputable. They claim that they know that what they do is legal and that people are picking up on the signs, “nope, not involved.” And people think they’re honest, because they don’t tell you what they’re doing.

When you give money to a casino, do they have a poker room? Well, no. They’re not a poker room. They only offer gaming and lounging. But when you bet money on a game and the casino doesn’t offer that game, it’s called a lack of an offer

I don’t think they do. These people are playing for fun. The amount of pleasure they are getting from playing has little to do with the amount of money they will be betting. (Even if the house edges do end up being negative, the money they are losing is usually only $1 to $4 per bet, so it doesn’t factor into the equation.) Unlike the stakes of baseball, poker is a game of skill. If one knows how to play a game of poker, they will do very well. They may lose all of their money, but they will still have fun playing and winning the game.

Why do gamblers always lose?

They lose because they lack an understanding of game theory. There are many more options available to a human player than those offered to the computer in chess, for example. There are a variety of non-conventional things a human player can do that would make the game more difficult for the computer.

Are there any exceptions to the rule that humans cannot win the king’s ransom game?

Certainly, many times a human player does defeat an opponent in the king’s ransom game and win. The explanation for this is that human players do have certain intuition that allows them to strategically react to a given situation.

If you’re lucky enough to have all the money in the world, and you do win, what then? Well, you can use that money to “invest.” The usual path for “investing” involves either cashing out your stake before the game starts, or buying up the stock market and living the high life for your winnings. Either way, if you get out early, you are going to lose a fortune.

Some studies found that gambling addiction cannot be explained by the effect of a traumatic event in life or on brain chemistry, like alcohol and drugs. Others show that a person needs to have strong motivation for gambling to develop the problem. Some studies also found that people who make a lot of money usually become addicted to gambling. Gamblers also have some of the characteristics of people who are at risk for cognitive impairment and mood disturbances. Some types of gambling can be more hazardous than others. They may include card games like poker, which may be described as cards against us, games of chance, like the lottery and virtual gambling (where the winner doesn’t even know what the prize is).

How does the casino always win?

It’s the people with the oddest bets. If you’re not up to the challenge of playing any version of Monopoly then it’s in your interest to buy and play a game where the odds are even. Even then, though, you’ll probably never lose: with no backstopping, it’s entirely possible to spend your winnings and never have to show them to anyone.

Video games give you the opportunity to really run the house in the house that no other means of casino play can match.

As opposed to thinking of the gambler as having a random strategy that will help you win, the casino uses the information to generate the most profitable odds possible.

1. How the casino got information about you

First, you must understand what information casinos are required to gather from their customers.

In order for the casino to optimize their odds, they must have at least 1 of the following information:

1. Date and Time (Time).

To know what day of the week it is, the casino must have a record of the date and time you played. To receive their daily average wage, the casino must also know the number of times you played per day.

Are slot machines rigged?

Some investigators claim slot machine owners rig the games so that players will lose or win at random.

What are e-cigarette brands? The e-cigarette industry doesn’t disclose the brand names of the products. This might help users avoid risk and talk about the products.

Are microwaves rigged? Some researchers have suggested that microwaves, which heat food, are rigged to give higher results than users expect.

Are candles rigged? Some say the candle manufacturers rig the candles to give a false sense of connection with the lighter.

Did the 9/11 attacks happen? Would the results of the attacks have been different? Most experts say the Pentagon attack, which killed nearly 3,000 people, would have been worse.

Yep. But winning the lotto can easily lead to hours of playing for the jackpot. The jackpot may be great — but the ticket money that goes along with it? It doesn’t really help a person. Or a company.

The great irony is that nobody loves slot machines more than craps dealers. But the industry is at the top of a long list of things the people in the city love — and it’s not always good news for them.

Here are three things the lottery has been doing — or has planned to do — that will soon end up costing the people of Fort Worth in the form of higher taxes and fees.

It is a sign of the times. The casino industry’s legal battles over the use of slot machines that bear symbols of loyalty to gambling companies have reached a fever pitch. This week, the second, much-watched federal trial in the string of cases opened in San Francisco on the issue of whether the tradition of slot machines that say “Tainted” on them is the result of a system designed to favor the top slot machine players.

Neither the Smithsonian nor the New York State Museum are dedicated to the conspiracy theory, but in cases like this, where gambling companies are challenged in court, it is possible that one theory will win out.

Are casinos rigged?

No, definitely not. That’s like saying Bill Belichick is a genius. Every great coach has really good players and awful schemes that lead to some wins. Even Nick Saban was pretty good at his first few teams. But just because his teams won those games doesn’t mean that he has to do it forever. The reason that Larry Coker and Jim Harbaugh are dominant head coaches is that their coaching staffs are bad. That’s why they are in power. I saw a guy on Twitter call Coker and Harbaugh a “bunch of goons” and that the play calling and ref calls they get are “worse than Ken Whisenhunt’s”. Really? I think that team construction is better at LSU than the Whisenhuntian offense.

Mr Bet casino affiliate program

You better believe it. The point of “flipping” is to make money. A “floater” can keep making money as long as the game continues. Because it’s so easy to make a profit, they have no incentive to stop. At the end of the game, the flippers will want to leave the casino as quickly as possible, or their boss will make sure they do, because all he wants is to make money. The result is that everybody comes out of a casino (or a poker table) a winner. At the more genteel MrBet poker tournaments, the casino takes a share of the winnings for itself. A casual player who bets $1,000 that the pot has been dealt, will win the same amount that the professional.

How do I pick a good slot machine?

It isn’t hard to do, but we have to be cautious. Think about the frequency with which you see your footfall on the pocket in front of the rack. How many times will you be on it? That amount of frequency will make the slot machine faster to play.

More importantly, what about the speed of your foot on the slot machine? The faster your foot on the pocket, the quicker your payout and the quicker you get to your payout. Faster foot on the pocket equals faster payout for the slot machine.

If you are planning on making lots of change from slot machines, the next best thing is to do your homework first. What size machine do I want? How many slots? How many games? What type of game? How much do I want to win? With so many variables that can change from location to location, it is really not possible to give a definitive “best” answer. However, some of the more general questions about slot machines may be helpful: Do I want to buy time only games?

Maybe a game that only awards cash and does not award time when you have no game left. Even the extra buy time gives a margin of safety.

I like to ask my customers what type of slots they are after and then explore a little bit on the Internet to see what particular games offer the highest revenues or have the highest prices. The most popular slot machine games come out on top, but a person must take into account other aspects of the game. Some of the traditional slot games are more popular than others, as people pick only the one that interests them.

If you want a slot machine, look for one that does not require the use of a smartphone or tablet. You don’t want the slot machine to require typing a word on your computer, or to display a gambling app that requires it. You don’t want to risk losing the chips you win, or the dollar. Once you find a slot machine that does not require a smartphone or tablet, look for one that can be done entirely with voice commands or a computer, and which isn’t a programming science textbook on your dashboard. You may also want a manual slot machine. One good example is the JoyMech, which can be manually operated, so you don’t have to use a smartphone or tablet.

Should you max bet on a slot machine?

Maxing out the ante on any slot machine can lead to empty accounts and low profits. On top of that, winning on any slot machine can make you the best in the city. Players are usually on the edge of their seats to see what each individual machine will show and how they will react.

Some casino operators allow players to gamble with one of their machines free of charge. These machines often have multi-state television and are more likely to show fewer high value, guaranteed hits. Players may also try betting on smaller games, where they get a chance to win less than $10 when they are free.

Think about it: When you see a “30-40% chance of a $10” number in the virtual slot machine, is that $10 really worth the effort of trying to place a bet? Maybe you just want to move on to the next virtual slot machine…

Let’s keep in mind that this chart is assuming that the virtual casino has a $10 minimum for entry. That’s a good rule of thumb; however, remember that in most cases these days, casinos don’t have minimums for entry. Some will ask you to put down a certain amount as a deposit, but if you don’t enter a $10 minimum, you’re always free to exit the casino without any penalty (that’s not true of video

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Alkoholismus und Spielsucht

Alkoholismus und Glücksspielsucht sind eine besonders gefährliche Kombination, die den Betroffenen und ihren Familien erheblichen Schaden zufügen kann.

Alkoholismus und Spielsucht sind sehr häufig bei ein und derselben Person anzutreffen, möglicherweise weil beide das Gehirn in ähnlicher Weise beeinflussen

Die Beziehung zwischen Alkoholismus und Spielsucht

Alkoholismus und Spielsucht sind sehr häufig bei ein und derselben Person anzutreffen, möglicherweise weil beide das Gehirn in ähnlicher Weise beeinflussenDie Frage, ob jemand spielsüchtig” sein kann oder nicht, ist umstritten. Sobald das Glücksspiel jedoch trotz finanzieller Konsequenzen zwanghaft wird, lässt sich die “Sucht” leicht beobachten. Dies gilt insbesondere dann, wenn Alkoholismus und Spielsucht kombiniert werden.

Was ist Glücksspielabhängigkeit?

Die Anerkennung von Suchtmitteln gibt es schon seit Jahrzehnten. 12-Schritte-Programme, Kliniken, medizinische Fachkräfte und Websites haben sich dem Verständnis der Gefahren dieser Substanzen verschrieben. Nicht-pharmakologische Abhängigkeiten werden jedoch oft in Frage gestellt. Das als “Prozess-Sucht” kategorisierte pathologische Glücksspiel wurde von der American Psychiatric Association erst im Mai 2013 als Sucht anerkannt. Bis dahin wurde es als eine Impulskontrollstörung kategorisiert. Es gibt immer noch eine Debatte darüber, ob es sich bei Pathologischem Glücksspiel um eine Sucht handelt, obwohl es heute weiter verbreitet ist als vor 30 Jahren.

Wie kann jemand spielsüchtig sein?

Sucht funktioniert im Allgemeinen dadurch, dass das Gehirn auf eine Weise stimuliert wird, dass es von diesen Stimuli abhängig wird. Biologisch gesehen, setzt das Gehirn Dopamin als Belohnung frei, wenn jemand etwas tut, das seinen Körper glücklich macht, wie Essen oder Sex. Bei der Entwicklung des Menschen entdeckten wir, dass bestimmte Medikamente eine stärkere Freisetzung von Dopamin bewirken können. Wenn sich das Gehirn um die Einnahme des Medikaments herum umstrukturiert, werden die natürlichen Stimuli, die das menschliche Gehirn zuvor belohnen würde, abgeschwächt. Diese grundlegende Umstrukturierung des Gehirns um eine chemische Substanz herum ist der Grund, warum es so viele Kontroversen gab, dass so etwas wie Glücksspiel keine Sucht verursachen kann, denn es gibt keine Einführung einer externen Chemikalie, nach der das Gehirn sich sehnt.

Obwohl es keine chemische Substanz gibt, die im Gehirn interagiert, hat sich gezeigt, dass Glücksspiel ähnliche Wirkungen wie Alkohol auslöst. Einige spielsüchtige Menschen berichten, dass sie beim Spielen oder in Erwartung des Spiels eine Euphorie empfinden. Ähnlich wie Personen, die von Drogen und Alkohol abhängig sind, zeigen Menschen mit einer Glücksspielabhängigkeit Entzugserscheinungen, wenn sie über einen längeren Zeitraum ohne Glücksspiel auskommen. Zu diesen Symptomen können Kopfschmerzen, Angstzustände, Schlaflosigkeit und sogar Herzklopfen gehören.

Denken Sie an einige der Kriterien für eine Störung des Substanzkonsums wie Alkoholismus;

  1. zunehmende Häufigkeit und Menge,
  2. zunehmende Verweildauer,
  3. anhaltender Konsum trotz negativer Folgen,
  4. Beziehungsprobleme,
  5. Vernachlässigung wichtiger Rollen und Verantwortlichkeiten,
  6. gescheiterte Versuche, den Konsum einzuschränken oder aufzugeben,
  7. Verlust des Interesses an angenehmen Aktivitäten,
  8. Besorgnis und
  9. Zwang. All dies ist bei jemandem vorhanden, der spielsüchtig ist.

Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Alkoholismus und Glücksspielsucht

Es gibt einen großen Prozentsatz von Menschen, die an Alkoholismus leiden, die Probleme mit der Spielsucht haben, und umgekehrt. Obwohl es mehrere Gründe dafür geben könnte, warum jemand beide Erfahrungen macht, betrachten viele Forscher die Ähnlichkeiten zwischen den beiden Abhängigkeiten als Antwort. Die zugrunde liegenden Reaktionen, die im Gehirn ausgelöst werden, wenn jemand Alkohol konsumiert, sind denen beim Glücksspiel sehr ähnlich. Tatsächlich wird das Gehirn nach dem Spielen Dopamin freisetzen, der gleiche Prozess, der auch bei Suchtmitteln abläuft. Die Art und Weise, wie sich diese beiden Reaktionen aufeinander stapeln können, macht zusammen mit der Prävalenz von Alkohol in Kasinos das Potenzial von Alkoholismus und Spielsucht als gleichzeitig auftretende Störungen noch wahrscheinlicher.

Alkoholismus und Glücksspielsucht als gleichzeitig auftretende Störungen

Alkoholismus und Spielsucht können eine unglaublich katastrophale Kombination sein

Alkoholismus und Spielsucht können eine unglaublich katastrophale Kombination seinPotenziell aufgrund der ähnlichen Reaktionen, die Alkoholkonsum und Glücksspiel im Gehirn auslösen, hat jemand, der von dem einen abhängig ist, ein größeres Risiko, eine Abhängigkeit von dem anderen zu entwickeln. Menschen, die spielsüchtig sind, können sich dem Alkohol zuwenden, um ihre Nerven zu beruhigen, während sie spielen oder wenn sie längere Zeit ohne Glücksspiel waren. Die Verwendung von Alkohol zur Eindämmung der negativen Auswirkungen des Entzugs kann sie anfällig für starkes und problematisches Trinken machen, was möglicherweise zur Entwicklung von Alkoholismus führt. Ebenso kann jemand, der an Alkoholismus leidet, Trost in Kasinos suchen.

Menschen, die an einem frühen Stadium der Alkoholabhängigkeit leiden, suchen oft nach einem Ort, an dem sie trinken können, ohne zu urteilen oder von Menschen in Frage gestellt zu werden. Die Prävalenz von Alkohol in Kasinos macht diese zu einem beliebten Ort, an dem man viel trinken kann. In vielen Kasinos wird kostenloser Alkohol ausgeschenkt, oder die Kellner bieten den Kasinobesuchern ständig Alkohol an. Dadurch gerät man natürlich in Versuchung, Glücksspiele zu spielen. Das Urteilsvermögen ist eines der ersten Dinge, die unter dem Einfluss von Alkohol beeinträchtigt werden, und jemand kann leicht dazu gebracht werden, höher zu spielen und zu wetten, als er nüchtern wäre. Wenn sie also bei einer Sucht Fortschritte machen, entwickeln sie eine andere.

Wann ist es ein Problem?

Wenn Sie feststellen, dass Ihnen die Kontrolle entgleitet und dass Sie nicht mehr einfach davonlaufen können, ist es vielleicht an der Zeit, einige Änderungen vorzunehmen.

Beides kann dazu führen, dass Sie sich anfangs gut fühlen, und manche Menschen genießen das Gefühl der “Flucht” – aber die Folgen können schädlich sein.

Zu den Anzeichen dafür, dass Alkohol ein Problem ist, können auch Anzeichen gehören:

  • Trinken weit mehr als beabsichtigt
  • Erleben von Verhaltensänderungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Alkoholkonsum, wie z.B. in Streit mit Menschen geraten
  • Erleben von Blackouts oder Gedächtnisverlust
  • Beziehungsprobleme als Folge von Alkoholkonsum
  • Das Bedürfnis, täglich zu trinken
  • Saufgelage
  • Freistellung von der Arbeit, dem Studium oder anderen Verpflichtungen wegen eines Kateranfalls.

Nächste Schritte

Wenn Sie der Meinung sind, dass dies ein Problem für Sie ist, kann es Ihnen helfen:

  • Schreiben Sie auf, wie viel und wie oft Sie trinken. So erhalten Sie ein Gefühl dafür, wie viel Sie trinken.
  • Lesen Sie über Alkohol- und andere Drogenhilfemöglichkeiten unter Beratung Online
  • Bitten Sie um Unterstützung. Das Gespräch mit einem Berater kann Ihnen helfen, einige Optionen zu erkunden und herauszufinden, was Sie tun möchten. Es gibt eine Reihe von Dienstleistungen und verschiedene Arten von Hilfe, und es ist wichtig, herauszufinden, was für Sie am besten funktioniert.
  • Lesen Sie die Fragen und Antworten unseres Peer-Support-Forums mit Dr. Jane Oakes über die Beziehung zwischen Alkohol und Glücksspiel.

Sind Sie besorgt, dass Ihr Glücksspiel außer Kontrolle gerät, wenn Sie trinken, oder trinken Sie mehr, wenn Sie spielen?

Glücksspiel und Trinken sind in vielen Ländern legal, und für viele Menschen gehören sie zusammen, um Kontakte zu knüpfen. Hier sind Zeichen, auf die Sie achten sollten, wenn Sie über Ihr Trinken und Glücksspiel besorgt sind, und einige Möglichkeiten, etwas zu ändern.

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